The 3 Most Common Health Problems With Cats

If you’re thinking about adopting a cat, it’s beneficial to know about some of the common health problems that can occur. Cats are fantastic pets because they often keep to themselves, like to roam around the home, and will build such a strong, loving bond with their owners.

However, being aware of health problems that can occur is a necessity because you want to make sure you’re seeking treatment for your cat if the animal ends up with any of these health problems in the future.


It’s quite common for a cat to end up with tapeworms at some point or another. So, how exactly do these animals end up with tapeworms? They’ll normally get tapeworms if they’ve swallowed a flea that may have been on their fur or if they’ve consumed a rodent that had fleas, such as a mouse. If the cat you adopt likes to go on the hunt and manages to find mice when you’re not around, the animal could end up with tapeworms at some point.

If it’s not treated, the cat may lose interest in eating and would start to lose weight. However, it’s often a simple and quick fix. A veterinarian could provide a prescription for medications your cat could take to quickly treat and eliminate those tapeworms.


Cats can end up vomiting for several different reasons. Sometimes the cause of a cat vomiting isn’t anything to be too concerned about. For example, the cat may be vomiting because it consumed too much of its hair while licking itself or it may have consumed a bit too much food, causing an aching stomach to develop. While it’s not always serious, vomiting may be a sign of tapeworms or other conditions.

If your cat is vomiting regularly for several days and you’re not sure why, you’ll need to bring the animal into the veterinarian’s office for treatment. The veterinarian might need to run a few tests to find out the cause of the vomiting.


Heartworm is yet another common health problem for cats. Mosquitoes that are flying around and biting cats can cause heartworm to develop. It’s best to keep a cat inside if you live in area where you’re having trouble with mosquitoes. It may help to put a special collar on your cat that keeps the mosquitoes away because of its scent.

These three health problems are among some of the most common reasons cats get sick. Most of these different health problems are easy to prevent.