CBD as a Treatment for Insomnia

CBD and THC are the major compounds that make up the marijuana plant. THC is known for its ability to produce psychoactive effects or what is commonly called a high. CBD does not produce a high, but it has its own effects just as THC does.

Both are now being used by many people for medical purposes. This is because THC and CBD do a lot to relieve pain, stimulate appetite and promote a sense of wellbeing. Canada is about to legalize cannabis in late 2018, and major people will search for various CBD products. This is why there are many useful cbd websites like cbdoilreviews.ca and others which are publishing a lot of useful information.

There are many people who cannot tolerate a high from THC, but they want the pain-relieving benefits of the marijuana plant. They often turn to CBD products or CBD-rich oils.

These products are available in creams, tinctures, and oils. They contain traces of THC, but not so much that they deliver a significant high. Common uses of CBD include treating arthritis pain, pain associated with cancer, and treating anxiety and depression.

Can CBD Also Treat Insomnia?

It depends on a few things. First, there is no set dosage of CBD so the user has to experiment with various oil concentrations and ratios to find the right dose for themselves. High doses typically promote sleepiness but small doses tend to do the opposite. They can stimulate alertness.

However, all of this depends on the strain of oil that is being used.
As for ratios, this refers to the balance between the CBD and the THC. CBD oils come in ratios where there is a very high concentration of CBD to THC or where there a balance between the two. Different makers produce different types of ratios such as 18:1 or 16:1.

They also use different strains of the plant to produce the oil which can affect whether it stimulates wakefulness or promotes sleep. Generally, because it relieves pain and helps people feel relieved of anxiety, CBD does treat insomnia.