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What Others are Saying

“I’m so glad Andy Wakefield finally has the chance to tell his story. Perhaps no debate on the planet right now is more confusing, more conflicting, or more maddening for parents than the debate over the causes and treatments of autism . . . For hundreds of thousands of parents around the world, myself included, Andy Wakefield is a symbol of strength and conviction that all parents of children with autism can use to fight for truth and the best lives possible for their kids.”   
—from the foreword by Jenny McCarthy


“Dr. Wakefield sets the record straight. It was not he who showed callous disregard towards vulnerable, sick children with autism. It was the British medical establishment, the General Medical Council, the media and the pharmaceutical industry that threw the children under the bus to protect the vaccine program. This is a book for everyone who cares about our future.”
—Mary Holland, Esq., Co-founder, Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy

“Andrew Wakefield has been subjected to extraordinary criticism and condemnation from professional colleagues and the wider community since he first questioned the safety of the MMR vaccine. In this book he answers his critics—powerfully and comprehensively—and sets the record straight. It is essential reading for anyone wanting to know the truth behind the MMR debate and the politics of vaccination policy.”
—Dr. Richard Halvorsen, author of The Truth about Vaccines

“As a mother of a boy who regressed into autism immediately following his MMR vaccination, I welcome this book unreservedly . . . Whatever your thoughts on the issue, if you read nothing else at all on the vaccine-autism debate, this has to be the most crucial book you read.”
—Polly Tommey, Editor-in-Chief, The Autism File

“Meeting Dr. Andy Wakefield changed our lives and . . . we are forever grateful. His wise and measured advice about vaccinations helped us dodge a bullet . . . Our fourth son [had] multiple allergies and repeated infections . . . We now fully realize [he] would have been a victim of immune overload had we followed the regular vaccine schedule . . . [He] is [now] bright and healthy . . . This book provides a terrifying insight into what has been happening behind the scenes as efforts redouble to silence Dr. Wakefield . . . It is a wake-up call to those who think [he] is anything other than a modern day hero fighting for all of our children.”
—Robert Rodriguez and Elizabeth Avellán, Troublemaker Studios, Austin, Texas


In 1982, Australian gastroenterologists R. Warren and B. Marshall discovered that the majority of their patients’ stomachs were colonized by H. pylori. However, at the time, the idea that bacteria could cause peptic ulcers was a very controversial one. Conventional thinking was that no bacterium could live in the human stomach. To demonstrate that H. pylori caused gastritis, Marshall drank a beaker of H. pylori, became ill with nausea and vomiting and upon subsequent endoscopy, showed signs of gastritis and the presence of H. pylori. Twenty three years after their initial discovery, in 2005, these scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a renowned scientist. His hundreds of peer reviewed publications have earned him this title. Science is the systematic process of gathering knowledge about the world and organizing and condensing that knowledge into testable laws and theories. Wakefield's work has offered us the opportunity to explore what we still know very little about....what causes Autism.

Most well-known facts were at one point unproved intuitions. Movements in science rise and fall based on data, not controversy. If you want to know the truth about vaccines and autism, here is a simple formula that’s guaranteed to produce it: allow the research to be done, do good science, keep an open mind, and be patient. The truth will be borne out by data, not by passion, opinion, or politics. If indeed vaccines contribute to the cause of autism for some children, it will be impossible to cover up the evidence forever. If, on the other hand, they don’t, no amount of passion will ever substitute for proof of causation. The causes of autism are out there and they will be found. Wakefield's work is a first step in this direction.

- Dr Doreen Granpeesheh, Center for Autism and Related Disorders